Your used paper is a raw material

We collect and sort used paper and cardboard, which is used by the paper industry as a raw material for new paper.

Papier Recycling Utrecht

Today's newspaper falls through the letterbox. Great! Now you can take some time for yourself: Read the paper, have a cup of coffee, nibble on a croissant. And then it’s straight off to the office. Grab your laptop, kiss your spouse and children goodbye, deposit the newspaper in your waste paper container. It’s about time, by the way, that it be put out for collection. The pile is just getting bigger and bigger. The waste collection vehicle pulls up in front of the house. A last-minute rush to thrust the cardboard box into the hands of the collectors. The huge grippers hungrily gobble up the paper.

Contributing to a better environment

Used paper plays a principal part in the production of new paper. It is the basic ingredient for birth announcement cards, the latest news, takeaway pizzas on Sunday, the magazines on the couch and – how could one forget – tax return forms.

Who are we?

We are G. van Doorn, Papier Recycling Utrecht B.V., your partner for the collection of used paper since 1974. We sort used paper by quality and distribute it to the domestic and international paper industries where it is turned into millions of kilograms of new paper.

Federatie Nederlands Oudpapier Industrie (FNOI)
As a member, the FNOI stimulates us in the professionalisation process in the used paper industry and it contributes to the correct picture of our branch, as well as for national and regional politicians.

The Netherlands Paper Recycling Organisation (PRN)
We are affiliated with the PRN. The PRN tenders, for instance together with the council, for a covenant. This enables us both to benefit from the advantages of this covenant.


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